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Turnkey Projects For Food Industry

Message Future Vision Is A Research & Development Centre in Indian Food Industry that promises to strengthen its oranized modern sector into a viable and vibrant entity.India's ethnic Dairy,Sweets,Bakery and RTE,Bakery And RTE Foods specialties are emerging as the next gourmet food.This development has become possible as a result of innovative technologies developed for mechanized production of India's ethnic food sector by us.

Today the nature of project is more complex with many things to consider like international standards required, coordination of suppliers/subcontractors, conflict management etc.but at the same time budget and schedule are getting tighter and tighter.That'swhy Message Future Vision is providing the Completa Turnkey Solution to their clients so that the whole projet can be done wthout having any trouble.

Following are the key benefits of our Turnkey project Solutions :

  • Single point contact which reduce complication of coordination.
  • Reduce amount of document and time to manage them.
  • Eliminate conflict between suppliers and contractor.
  • Better the vacuum scope in intergration,which is one of hte major cost overruns.

Message Future Vision, the leader in food engineering service with 12 years experience in the construction of food processing as turnkey project for both local market and abroad. With a term of more than 30 professionals in every field to support the turnkey project by divided into 5 parts; civil construction design, main machineries for production, supporting equipment, designing work and project management. With long historic background customer can be confident that Message Future Vision will be able to complete the project, We offer a wide range of technologies for processing, preservation and Packing Of Dairy, Sweets, Namkeens and Ready to Eat Food Products. We make you aware about FSSAI, BIS, CODEX, ADAC, USFDA, USDA standards and stop you from committing any mistakes that may lead you to severe fine and punishments under the Indian court of Law and also loose the goodwill and credit you had made in the market after years of hard work.

Vision :

Our main vision is, to provide the complete design of project to meet the client objectives, according to good food engineering standards within the predefined budget and on schedule through co-operation from Message Future Vision's highly experienced team of staff.

Our Turnkey service includes total management from logo design to produce creation with brand promotion.

  • Conceptual Designing and Budget work
  • logo Designing
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • ISO
  • Barcode
  • Halal and SFA
  • Loan and subsidy Guide
  • Food Processing License Guide
  • Packing Design Work
  • Factory layout Design
  • Quality Control Approval from Message Group
  • Arrangement and modification of all machineries for better quality production
  • Complete set up of Plant as per New Safety and Standard Act,2010
  • Arrangement of skilled manpower
  • Training of all Manpower o get better Human Resource Management
  • Recipe and product Formulae set up
  • Quality Production with Improved Shelf life
  • Plant Chain Management from Input to Output in a Single Chain
  • Quality set up of Raw Materials and Packing Material
  • Setup of In-house Food Testing Quality Control Laboratory
  • Brand Promotion Guide
  • Coasting and BEP Management
  • Future updates for better vision.