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Puding Pro

Message Puding Pro

Message Pudding Pro can be used in all kind of Pudding (Stuff) of Samosa, Kachori, Patties, Vadas, etc. By using it the Shelf Life of Stuff is increase and also remove problem of Sourness and Dryness. Message Pudding Pro also can be used in dry fruits garnishing like Pista, Almond, Cashew, etc. to avoid Fungus.


  • Protect from Sourness
  • Reduce Dryness from Stuff
  • Protect from Fungus
  • Increase the Shelf life of Stuff


Message Pudding Pro is used at the time of making the Stuff in a proportion of 1 gm per 1 kg of Stuff.

For E.g. If you want to make 1 kg of stuff, at the time of mixed spices and masala add 1 gm Message Pudding Pro in it.