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Mithai Pro

Message Mithai Pro

Message Mithai Pro is suggest to used in all kinds of Sweets like Khowa based Sweets, Dry Fruit based Sweets, Bengali Sweets, Milk based liquid Sweets, Besan based Sweets and all type of Halwas.


  • Protect from Sourness
  • Reduce Dryness from Sweets
  • Protect from Fungus
  • Increase the Shelf life of Sweets
  • Maintain Freshness of Sweets with same Color and Shining
  • Increase Thickness of Liquid Sweets, like Rabdi


Message Mithai Pro is suggest to use in all type of Sweets, at the time of making the sweets, in the ratio of 0.1% – 0.4% (Upto 4gm) in Finished Product.

E.g. For 1 kg of sweets we have to use 3 to 4 gm of Message Mithai Pro at the time of processing of Sweets.

Note :-

All ingredient of Message Mithai Pro are Food Grade and approved by FSSAI. It is also Taste Less and Odor Less, So after using it there is no any taste variation or smell in Finished Product.