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Maxi Fry

Introducing The Next Gen Cooking Oil Micro Filtration System
Save the wastage of cooking oil up to 75%

Cooking oil is one of your biggest cost when it comes to food preparation. It causes permanent costs, which are sometimes the highest running cost beside the staff. The average price of the cooking oil depends on the category of oils like Palm, Cotton Seed, Ground Nut, Sunflower, Rice Bran etc. as well as differs from the country to country. Oil is a medium of cooking, which not only influence the quality of food, but also the taste and its appearance.

With our Advanced Micro Filtration Technology, you can standardize the quality of your fried products, which is appropriate for your industry.

Maxi Fry

MAXI (Maximum) FRY The name it shelf explain the feature of the product. MAXI FRY was developed for the maximum usage of the frying oil by the way of Filtration Aid and Recycle Process. That means the usage lifespan of your cooking oil can be 3 times.

Used Cooking Oil & It's Dark Side

  • Degradable oil affects the quality of finished products
  • It affects the shelf life of the products
  • Consumption of the oil becomes very high
  • It affects the color of the products
  • High rancidity in the finished products
  • Increase the FFA, PV and TPM

The frying quality of the cooking oil and finished products is affected by many different kinds of influence. It also affects TPM of the cooking oil. Beside graphic shows that, how differ-ent kind of food, temperature of frying, water, dust, sunlight, oxygen level have a huge impact on the shelf life of the oil and finished product quality.

Micro Filtration with MAXI FRY

  • Better shelf life of the fried foods
  • Extend the lifespan of the cooking oil
  • Low oil degradation
  • Oil saving up to 75%
  • Controls the smoke point
  • Reduce the TPM and FFA value
  • Removes the bad smell from frying oil
  • Improves the color of the frying oil
  • Improves the color of the finished products
  • No wastage of the cooking oil
  • Improves the taste of the finished products


It gives a New Experience of Frying in fresh Oil, Every Time

Electrical Voltage(A/C) 415V/3 phases
Pump Rotation Speed 1450 RPM
Pump Flow Rate 25 L
Fine Filtration Flow Rate 15 L
Output Pressure 0.8 MPa
Filter Chamber Size 325 mm
Pre Filtration (pm) 1 mm
Pre Filtration Area 0.45 m2
Fine Filtration (pm) 0.5 mm
Fine Filtration Area 0.88 m2
Fine Filtration Disc 14 pcs
Auxiliary Filtration (pm) 0.5 ms
Auxiliary Filtration Disc 02 pcs
Power 0.37 KW
Size 607 mm x 963 mm x 1310 mm
Working Temperature 120-200'C
Machine Noise <35 dBA
Machine Weight 135 Kg


  • Handy and Portable
  • Quick to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No filter paper / filter bag required
  • Pre filtration upto 1 mm food particles
  • Fine filtration upto 0.5 pm
  • Can be used for online filtration up to 200°C
  • CE certified Application
  • Snack and Namkeen Industry
  • Hotel and Restaurant Industry
  • Catering Industry


  • Snack And Namkeen Industry
  • Hotel and Restaurant Industry
  • Catering Industry

FSSAI on Edible Cooking Oils

Total Polar Materials (TPM) to be a maximum of 25% and any vegetable oil that has TPM beyond this limit will be considered as unsuitable for the use in cooking foods.