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Fry Master

Message Fry Master

Message Fry Master can be used in all types of Edible Oil and Ghee. It makes oil/ghee light and white during frying. And also generate less smoke, so the consumption of oil/ghee will be less. It makes products oil free (Dry). It controls the degradation process of oil/ghee and control FFA & PV value of frying oil.


  • Increase Shelf Life of Namkeens
  • Reduce 10% to 20% of Oil Consumption,
  • Makes oil/ghee light and White


Message Fry Master is suggest to use in fresh oil before frying in the proportion of 3 gm per 1 kg of oil at 150` C. When you take fresh oil for frying at 150` C, add Message Fry Master in appropriate ratio.